Graduate Course Descriptions

A listing and short description of all physics courses can be directly accessed with this link, and additional details about the graduate program is included in the UIC online graduate catalogue

In the table below, please find a short list of ​our principal graduate​ classes.  Graduate students also sometimes take additional 400-level classes not listed below, for which additional details can be found with the first link above.

For the latest information please contact the department or the current instructor teaching a particular course.

Course Title
Phys 480
Elements of Machining Scientific Equipment
Phys 501 Electrodynamics I
Phys 502 Electrodynamics II
Phys 511 Quantum Mechanics I
Phys 512 Quantum Mechanics II
Phys 513 Quantum Field Theory I
Phys 514 Quantum Field Theory II
Phys 515 Methods in Mathematical Physics
Phys 521 Molecular Physics
Phys 522 Laser Physics/Quantum Electronics
Phys 524 Group Theory in Physics
Phys 525 Optics and Photonics
Phys 531 Solid State Physics I
Phys 532 Solid State Physics II
Phys 533 Theory of Solids: Magnetism and Superconductivity
Phys 534 Theory of Solids: Semiconductor Physics
Phys 540 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
Phys 545 Introduction to General Relativity
Phys 551 Elementary Particle Physics I
Phys 552 Elementary Particle Physics II
Phys 561 Statistical Mechanics
Phys 581 Advanced Experimental Physics
Phys 594 Special Topics in Modern Physics
Phys 595 Graduate Seminar
Phys 596 Individual Study
Phys 598 Master's Thesis Research
Phys 599 Thesis Research