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graduate student presenting her research

2nd Annual Biophysics Student Symposium

On April 28th, 2023, UIC hosted the 2nd Annual Biophysics Student Symposium. The event was organized by a group of graduate students from the departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Biomedical Engineering, and aimed…

Adrian Barkan

Prof. Adrian Barkan receives 2023 Silver Circle Award

Every year since 1996, UIC’s graduating seniors honor outstanding educators with the Silver Circle Award. This year, Prof. Adrian Barkan was chosen as one of the winners of the award. Learn more about…

photograph of Rober Klie in front of a generic background

New Head of Physics: Professor Robert Klie

On January 30, 2023, Professor Robert Klie was announced as the new Head in the Department of Physics.  In an email to the Department of Physics faculty, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences…

Dr. George Crabtree in his office

Dr. George Crabtree earns AIAA award for excellence

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has named UIC physicist George Crabtree winner of its 2022 Energy Systems Award. The honor acknowledges a significant contribution in the broad field of energy systems,…

Dr. Cecilia Gerber in her office

Dr. Cecilia Gerber named AAAS Fellow

Adapted from UIC researchers earn distinction as AAAS fellows | UIC Today   Dr. Cecilia Gerber has been elected to the newest class of American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, one…

An artist’s conception of the cross-section of a super-Earth with the NIF target chamber superimposed over the mantle, looking into the core. (Photo: John Jett/ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Measuring the melting curve of iron at super-Earth core conditions

A new study appearing in Science suggests that Earth-like planets outside of the solar system are likely to have a longer duration of magnetically shielded habitability than Earth. University of Illinois Chicago professor Russell Hemley…

Results of ground-state structure search for (A) PdH at 0 GPa, (B) PdH at 150 GPa, (C) Pd3H4 at 0 GPa, (D) Pd3H4 at 150 GPa, (E) PdH8 at 0 GPa, (F) PdH10 at 0 GPa, (G) PdH12 at 0 GPa, and (H) PdH12 at 150 GPa. The gray balls represent Pd atoms, and the pink balls represent H atoms. The space groups of the corresponding structures are indicated in parentheses.

Combining pressure, electrochemistry to synthesize superhydrides

A new study featured in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences offers a potential alternate approach that combines pressure and electrochemistry to stabilize superhydrides at moderate, perhaps even close to ordinary, pressures. Superhydrides…

picture of Russell Hemley

UIC scientist takes research to the extreme

UIC is home to one of the nation’s foremost scholars in physics, chemistry and materials science. In a prominent career spanning four decades, Russell Hemley has explored the behavior of matter and materials…

students studying

Striving for inclusive excellence in STEM education

For over two years, a select group of educators at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) from the natural sciences have been meeting regularly to participate in professional development studios to help their…

picture of Cecilia Gerber

Dr. Cecilia Gerber named UIC Distinguished Professor

Professor Cecilia Gerber has been named a distinguished professor in the 2020-2021 academic year. The UIC Distinguished Professorship recognizes scholarship, creativity and leadership. Faculty members are nominated by their peers and are selected…

Russell Hemley, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Chair in the Natural Sciences and professor of physics and chemistry at UIC.

$3M Department of Defense award to support UIC STEM research program

A multidisciplinary research team from the University of Illinois Chicago has been awarded a $3 million, three-year U.S. Department of Defense award to establish an undergraduate research mentoring program in science, technology, engineering & math.

Robert Klie, UIC professor of physics.

UIC physicist earns innovation award from Microscopy Today

In two recently published studies, University of Illinois Chicago physicist Robert Klie and colleagues from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Nion Company developed and demonstrated ultra high-resolution electron energy-loss spectroscopy...

Lopa Bhatt standing in a wooded area with a big smile on her face.

Getting to Know Goldwater Scholar Lopa Bhatt

Lopa Bhatt, a physics major studying electron microsopy, was awarded a Barry M. Goldwater scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year. The nationally competitive award is widely recognized as the most prestigious scholarship available…