Undergraduate Course Descriptions

A listing and short description of all physics courses can be directly accessed with this link, and additional details about the undergraduate program is available in the UIC online undergraduate catalogue: physics.

Go here for a list of available syllabi.  For the latest information, please contact the department or the current instructor teaching a particular course.

In the table below, please find a short list of undergraduate courses. 

Course Title
Phys 100
Preparatory physics
Phys 104  Problem-Solving Workshop for Introductory Physics I
Phys 105 Introductory Physics I - Lecture
   Midterms I & II on Thursday of semester-weeks 5 & 10
Phys 106 Introductory Physics - Laboratory
Phys 107 Introductory Physics II - Lecture
   Midterms I & II on Wednesday of semester-weeks 5 & 10
Phys 108 Introductory Physics II - Laboratory
Phys 112 Astronomy and the Universe
Phys 141 General Physics I (Mechanics)
   Midterms I & II on Tuesday of semester-weeks 6 and 11
Phys 142 General Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)
   Midterms I & II on Wednesday of semester-weeks 6 and 11
Phys 144 Problem-Solving Workshop for General Physics (Mechanics)
Phys 145 Solving Workshop for General Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)
Phys 215 Computational and Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences
Phys 230 Fundamentals of Relativity
Phys 240 Fundamentals of Modern Quantum Theory
Phys 241
Experiments in Modern Physics
Phys 245 Introduction to Vibrations, Waves, and Thermal Physics
Phys 391 Physics Seminar
Phys 392 Physics Research
Phys 393 Special Problems
Phys 401 Electromagnetism I
Phys 402 Electromagnetism II
Phys 411 Quantum Mechanics I
Phys 412 Quantum Mechanics II
Phys 421 Modern Physics: Atoms and Molecules
Phys 425 Modern Optics
Phys 431 Modern Physics: Condensed Matter
Phys 441 Theoretical Mechanics
Phys 450 Molecular Biophysics of the Cell
Phys 451 Modern Physics: Nuclei and Elementary Particles
Phys 461 Thermal and Statistical Physics
Phys 475 Learning and Teaching of Physical Sciences
Phys 480 Elements of Machining Scientific Equipment
Phys 481 Modern Experimental Physics I
Phys 482 Modern Experimental Physics II
Phys 491 Special Topics in Physics
Phys 494 Special Topics in Physics Teaching
Phys 499 Survey of Physics Problems