Travel Awards

There are several sources of travel award funding including the Physics Department:

  1. Graduate College Student Presenter Award
  2. Graduate Student Council Travel Award
  3. Graduate Student Council Project Award
  4. LAS PhD Student Travel Award

The terms and conditions of these awards differ and may change. The fourth source of travel funds is the Physics Department. The Physics Department will provide $100 of support to students presenting their own original work, chairing a session, or leading a discussion at a major meeting or conference with prior approval from the department. Also, your faculty advisor may have travel funds available under a grant.

To apply for a travel award(s) please follow these steps:

  1. Review the estimated costs of your travel and make an itemized list.

  2. Review the three links above to see which award(s) will best suit your needs.

  3. See James Nell, the Graduate Advisor, and review your budget and which campus travel awards you will apply for. At this time, you will begin the Physics Department's Travel Reimbursement Form. This meeting should take place no less than one month before the first day of your travel. The Travel Reimbursement Form will be reviewed by the department. You will receive a reply by email, usually within a week confirming the award, asking for additional information, or declining to fund it.

  4. After your travel, you must complete the Travel Reimbursement Form and attached original receipts. Original receipts must be attached to the form at this time. The funds will be applied to your student account.