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Apr 12 2023

Colloquium- “Studying Nuclear Matter from Quark Gluon Plasma to Hadron Structure” with Dr. Sooraj Radhakrishnan

Physics Colloquium

April 12, 2023

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


SES 138

Spring Colloquia - Dr. Sooraj Radhakrishnan
Dr. Sooraj Radhakrishnan from Kent State University/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will be giving a talk as part of the physics department's spring colloquia at 3 PM in room 138 SES titled, “Studying Nuclear Matter - from Quark Gluon Plasma to Hadron Structure."

Great progress has been made over the last 40 years in understanding strong interactions. However, some fundamental questions remain unanswered. For example, the origin of color confinement - quarks and gluons carry color charge, yet exist in nature only as confined in color neutral bound states called hadrons; or the origin of composite properties of hadrons, such as its mass and spin. It is known that at high temperatures (>150 MeV) and low baryon chemical potentials (mu_B), the nuclear matter undergoes a phase transition into a state of deconfined quarks and gluons. Understanding the puzzles regarding strong interactions on one hand encompasses the study of the properties of the deconfined phase, the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP), the mechanism of hadronization and the nature of the phase transition to the confined hadronic matter. On the other hand, it encompasses the study of what the internal structure of hadrons are and how the properties of hadrons arise from the complex interactions of quarks and gluons within.

In this talk, I will summarize my research utilizing heavy flavor quarks to study the properties of QGP and hadronization mechanism with the data from the STAR experiment at RHIC. I will also report on the measurements using the recent high statistics Beam Energy Scan Phase II data from STAR to study the nuclear matter properties at high mu_B and the phase structure of nuclear matter. Further, I will discuss the prospects to study the three dimensional structure of protons, and understand the origin of its composite properties, with the future electron ion collider.


Physics Office

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Apr 10, 2023

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Apr 13, 2023