Standing Waves

  • WM8.1 Electric Waves

    This is is a short wave generator and lecher wires. Two wires are attached to the generator and stretched out. Using a light bulb with two attached wires, the standing waves can be seen by the brightness and dimness of the intensity.

  • WM8.2 Wave-o-graph

    A rope is attached to a pillar on the side of the room. The other end is attached to the wave-o-graph placed on a rolling table, and the rope is stretched. The apparatus has a speed control that allows the rope to be spun at different frequencies. The result is a physical example of standing waves, nodes and all. For better sight, use the big strobe light and a dimmed room to freeze the motion.

  • WM8.3 String Vibrator (PASCO)     String Vibrator

    Using a sine wave generator to drive a string vibrator, the driving frequency and tension of the string can be varied to explore standing waves in strings and to determine the speed of the wave. Can be used with strobe light (Shelf A5-1) for a dramatic display of aliasing.