Celestial Motion

  • WM1.1 Constellations

    This is a globe inside a plastic sphere that has the constellations drawn on it with respect to anyone standing on the globe. Please don't let anyone stand on the globe.

  • WM1.2 Earth, Moon, Sun

    This is a mechanism that has the mentioned three bodies spinning around each other in the proper sequence.

  • WM1.3 Penny Toy

    A common gimmick in malls and such. This is a small-version of the funnel-like apparatus in which a penny will roll down standing on its edge.

  • WM1.4 Vortex Demo

    This is a magnet spinning about its center perpendicular to its axis. Placing iron filings on top will result in a rather interesting pattern. It is suppose to simulate a magnetic field in the formation of a star or nebula.