• TF10.1  Magdeburg Spheres     MagdeburgSpheres
    This is a miniature version of the great experiment. Two hemispheres with a good seal are put together and the air is pumped out. A rough calculation indicates 2001bs of force will be necessary to pull the hemispheres apart.

  • TF10.2  Vacuum Bells     Atmospheric Pressure Demonstration
    Placing a warm liquid in a bell and then decreasing the pressure will force the liquid to boil.

  • TF10.3  Atmospheric Pressure Demonstration (PASCO)
    This is a quick and easy way to demonstrate the effect of a pressure differential. Students get a vivid example of the forces applied by simple atmospheric pressure. Easily lift a box or a stool by simply placing the rubber sheet on a smooth surface and lifting up on the handle.

  • TF10.4  Magdeburg Plates (PASCO)     Magdeburg Plates
    These 2 plates are a modern and versatile rendition of a classic demonstration: (1) Air is evacuated using a syringe; no vacuum pump needed (2) Clear plastic design lets students see everything (3) Two different "O" rings allow 2 different size areas (4) Tubing is provided so students can connect a Pressure Sensor for use with DataStudio.