Ideal Gas Law

  • TF5.1 Fire Syringe

    An ancient method of starting fire. A piece of combustible material is inserted into a long syringe. By closing the syringe very quickly, the change in pressure ignites the material. Pull the syringe apart so that the class can see the end smoking.

  • TF5.2 P vs. T

    This is an absolute pressure gauge attached to a metal ball with a handle. Inserting the ball into liquids of different temperatures, say boiling, room, and cold water and liquid nitrogen or dry ice bath, will create different pressures inside the ball.

  • TF5.3 P vs. (1/V) (Boyle's Law)

    This is placed on the vu graph. A syringe is attached to a pressure gauge. Decrease the volume in the syringe and the pressure rises accordingly.

  • TF5.4 P vs. T, Vacuum Bells

    Placing a liquid at room temperature in a vacuum bell and then pumping out the air will cause the water to boil.

  • TF5.5 V vs. T     VvsT 1

    A glass apparatus consisting of two bulbs connected together is filled with a red liquid. Hold the center of the apparatus so that the bulbs are pointing up. Cover one bulb with a hand. The heat generated will force all the liquid to flow into the other bulb.