• TF3.1  Air Supply for Candle

    A lit candle will extinguish when placed in a cylinder. When a second tube is placed inside the cylinder, there is a flow of air and the candle will not extinguish.

  • TF3.2  Heat Conduction

    This apparatus has two rods of different material stretching out from the center. Using hot wax, attach pennies (not supplied) to the end of the rods. Heat the center of the apparatus until the pennies fall off. The metal with the greater conduction will fall off first.

  • TF3.3  Thermocouple 

    This is a small fan with two legs of dissimilar metal. One leg is placed in boiling water, the other in cold water. The fan spins. The temperature difference is converted to an electric potential drop. If both legs of the fan are placed in the same bath, nothing will happen.

  • TF3.4  Thermopile 

    This measures heat from a lamp. A cube with each edge different (mirrored, black, etc.) is also included to see which radiates the most heat.

  • TF3.5  Thermoses

    Four dewars are placed in a holder. Each is different: silvered/ unsilvered and evacuated/not evacuated. Placing liquid nitrogen in these will determine which is the best conductor of heat.