Vision and Color

  • OP5.1 Color Mixer

    This machine takes the three basic colors--red, blue, and green--and mixes them at the controller's discretion. All other colors are created from these basic three.

  • OP5.2 Freezing Motion

    This is a strobe light. Turn the room dark and the strobe light freezes motion of the same frequency. Best used with other demos like standing waves on a string or the ripple tank. The latter entails turning the mirror of an old view graph over the tank of water with the strobe light below it.

  • OP5.3 Intensity

    The human eye is best at distinguishing relative intensities. This apparatus consists of two wax blocks placed edge to edge. Shining light of the same intensity on each individual block will illuminate the wax and nicely define the split between them. However, with a two different light sources, the intensities in each block will be different and thus noticeable.

  • OP5.4 Photocell

    This is the basis of burglar alarms and such. A light is aimed at a detector and will notice when the path is crossed.

  • OP5.5 Sextant

    This is an Air Force sextant--a device used to locate latitude according to the rising sun at sea.

  • OP5.6 Real Image Illusion

    A penny sits in the bottom of two superimposed spherical caps--like a flying saucer. The inside of the saucer is mirrored and the penny appears to sit above the saucer. The image is convincing enough to lure someone to try and grab the penny. Some people are real cheapskates.

  • OP5.7 Vision Perception

    This is a disk attached to a motor. When the motor is off, a canary and a cage are on different points of the disk's edge. Spun at the correct speed controlled by the powerstat the bird will appear to be in the cage. These two light up under a UV light.