OP4.3 Polaroid

POLARIZED SHEET. Fill a glass tank with white soap water--not a lot of soap. Place a light source next to the tank. The soap solution polarizes the light so that the polaroid sheet lets the light pass at one angle, but rotated 90° it will stop the light. This is seen on the sides of the tank that are not directly in front of the light. SUNGLASSES. The two polaroid sheet are place together on the overhead. The first sheet polarizes the light and the second either blocks it or lets it pass, depending on its orientation. COSINE SQUARED LAW. This is a piece of polarized plastic that rotates from 0 ° to 90°. Using a light source on a screen, the cosine squared law can be visually seen. REFLECTION. Using the vu graph, a polaroid sheet is placed on the reflected side of the focus lens of the vu graph. This shows that reflected light is polarized.

Equipment Location: B23, B14