Uniform Motion

  • ME19.1 Acceleration of Gravity

    A rod is attached to the table in front of the lecture center. The PASCO acceleration of g apparatus is partially mounted on top with the base on the bottom. The apparatus measures the time it takes the ball to fall from top to base. A two meter stick can calculate the distance traveled. Using the equation x=gt²/2, the value for g can be determined.

  • ME19.2 Coin and Feather     coinAndFeather_thumb

    The "Coin and Feather" experiment is one of the best way to dispel the "lighter objects fall more slowly" myth. When the air inside the 75 cm tube is at atmospheric pressure, the feather (in this case a very visible piece of styrofoam) falls significantly more slowly than the coin. The hand-held syringe vacuum pump will bring the air inside the tube down to about 7% of atmospheric pressure, making the feather and the coin appear to drop at the same rate.