Rigid Body Rotation

  • ME16.2 The Come-A-Long     TheComeAlong

    This is a big wheel with string wrapped around it. Pull the string parallel to the table and the wheel rolls in direction of force-everyone expects it to roll the other way and unravel. Pull it perpendicular to the table and it unravels. Pull at a 45 degree angle and it drags, not rolls.

  • ME16.3 Torque Wheel Apparatus

    A mass of 200 gm is suspended from a series of concentric disks resembling bicycle gears. As the radius becomes large the scale from which the disk is suspended gives different readings.

  • ME16.5 Static Equilibrium Board     StaticEquilibriumUnequalMasses

    This is used to show that the sum of the forces and the sum of the torques are zero in a static situation. The board has a ruler attached to it

  • ME16.6 Rotational Motion Apparatus (PASCO)     rot_motion_thumb

    The Introductory Rotational Apparatus is a versatile, low-friction rotation system designed for use with PASCO's Photogate/Pulley System and DataStudio.