Motion in Two Dimensions

  • ME15.2 Ballistic Cart     BallisticCar

    The PASCO Ballistic Cart shoots a plastic ball straight up while in motion. If the cart is moving at a constant velocity, the ball will fall back into the catcher on the cart. The ball is released using a photogate, so there is no impulse given to the cart upon release as there is in other models relying on a string to release the ball. The barrel can be aimed to ensure that the ball is short vertically. Special no bounce foam prevents the ball from bouncing back out of the catcher cup.

  • ME15.3 Horizontal and Vertical Ball

    This is a large mechanism that launches a ball sideways and drops an-other one simultaneously. The balls are big enough and the stand high enough for the class to see both balls hitting the ground simultaneously.

  • ME15.4 Shoot the Target (PASCO)

    This is a classic monkey and hunter demonstration. The monkey (actually a target) is hung from a vertical support stand. A projectile launcher is aimed at the target, and a photogate measures the exact instant the ball leaves the gun, at which point the target falls. The projectile hits the target, proving that the projectile accelerates downward at the same rate as the target.