Hooke's Law

  • ME11.1 Hooke's Law Apparatus (PASCO)     hl_thumb

    The Hooke's Law Set investigates the relationship between the force applied to a spring and the amount of stretch on the spring. This rugged set features a heavy base which allows the stretching of springs without toppling the unit. The transparent scale adjusts vertically to align zero with the brightly colored stretch indicator.

  • ME11.2 Set of Springs and Parallel Spring Bracket (PASCO)     Springs and parallel spring bracket

    Allows springs of different spring constants to be hung in series and parallel. The masses can be hung in an offset position to compensate for the stronger spring.

  • ME11.3 Equal Length Spring Set     Equal length spring set

    These springs appear to be the same except for their colors. But, when equal masses are hung on them, each stretches a different amount. These extension springs are made of steel and are closed, requiring a slight initial force to separate the coils. The unstretched length of each spring is 30 cm and the approximate diameter is 1.4 cm. Store this spring set in the included white storage box with cardboard separators to keep the springs from touching each other.