Angular Momentum

  • ME2.2 Bicycle Wheel as Gyroscope     BicyclewheelAsGyroscope

    A motor allows the tire to spin at a high speed. Suspend both sides of tire from the ceiling by ropes. Once the tire is spinning, detach the motor and one supporting rope. The tire will then act as a gyroscope keeping the axis of rotation in a level plane.

  • ME2.3 Gyroscope

    Torque controls the precession of the gyroscope. This torque is produced by hanging weights on the gyroscope

  • ME2.4 Inclined Plane     InclinedPlane

    This shows that the moment of inertia is dependent of the size and weight of an object and dependent only on its geometry. Objects with different masses but the same geometry will roll at the same rate, except for a small factor due to friction.

  • ME2.7 Rotating Stool     RotatingStool

    A student volunteer sits on the stool. Give him a horizontal spinning cycle tire and to conserve momentum he spins in the opposite direction. Variations are many: spin him and watch the tire react, spin the tire while already sitting, etc. To demonstrate L's dependence on r and p, have a sitting volunteer sit on the stool with sufficiently heavy weights on his hand-approximately 2 kg. As he spins, have him bring his hands in towards his body and out away from it. His rotational speed increases and decreases respectively.