RC and RLC Circuits

  • EM7.1 Medium Time Constant RC Circuit

    A simple demonstration in which a 1 mF capacitor is charged through a 15k - Ohm resistor (RC = 15 seconds). The time constant is sufficiently long to easily demonstrate, using only a stopwatch and a voltmeter, that the Voltage across the capacitor has increased to factor of (1-1/e) [63%] times the battery voltage in 15 seconds. No external power supply needed - battery included.

  • EM7.2 Short Time Constant RC Circuit

    An RC series circuit with a 3 millisecond time constant. By applying a square wave voltage across the circuit using a function generator and attaching an oscilloscope across the capacitor, you can clearly see the capacitor rapidly charging and discharging on a short timescale. By adjusting the frequency of the square wave input, students can see some interesting transient patterns.

  • EM7.3 Long Time Constant RC Circuit

    This PASCO components box allows you to toggle between various vales of R and C in series. The available time constants range from 24 to 188 seconds. Use with a stopwatch, external power supply and voltmeter, or use a PASCO computerized voltage sensor and supply.

  • EM7.4 RLC Circuit Board     RLC_thumb

    RLC Circuit Board - Use with signal generator and oscilloscope (shelves C1-1 and C1-2). This circuit board offers components for demonstrating: Voltage/Current Phase Relationships, RLC Resonance, and Non-ohmic characteristics. Includes resistors, capacitors and an inductor coil. Recommended application - use with laptop and datastudio file "RLC_demo.ds". With this file and the PASCO 750 Interface, you can input a sinusoidal signal of any frequency, and visualize the voltage across R, L and C simultaneously (different colors on the digital oscilloscope). Investigate phase relationships and resonance.