Current Students

The Department of Physics is committed to all students who take physics courses at UIC.

Our 100-level courses provide key physics foundations for UIC students across a broad range of disciplines including pre-health, engineering, and the sciences. In addition, we offer popular introductory physics courses that are geared for all students who have an interest in Astronomy (Physics 112, offered fall and spring semesters), and unique courses on astrophysics, biophysics, computational biophysics, as well as Energy and Sustainability are also available.

Current Physics Majors have many course options and four-year model plans (e.g. you can see those here for physics BA and BS students) to help them prepare for a broad range of careers. Students who have questions should contact our faculty and staff. We have an active Physics Club, run by students with financial support from the Department, that meets regularly and schedules events of interest to its members. We also have a Physics Undergraduate Study Lounge that is available for all hours the building is open. Students should also keep an eye out for our annual fall picnic, which is open to our physics majors and provides a relaxed and fun setting to get to know others in the department better.

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