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The Ultrafast Physics Group develops and employs novel ultrafast (sub-nanosecond) spectroscopic techniques to study the fundamental physical properties of matter and also fabricates the custom ultra-short pulse laser radiation sources required for such investigations.

Faculty Working in Applied Laser


  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    The Applied Laser group collaborates with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to develop an ultrafast electron microscope (UEM) – an instrument that seeks to combine the high spatial (sub-nanometer) resolution of electron microscopy with the high temporal resolution afforded by today’s ultrafast laser systems. The successful development of a single-shot imaging UEM will offer unprecedented space-time resolution for investigations into, for example, structural changes in biology, condensed matter phase transformations, and the structural dynamics of individual nano-particles.
  • Time and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
    A future project, in collaboration with Professor Campuzano, will add time resolution to angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) through the development of a picosecond-laser-driven 15-20eV radiation source. This spectroscopic technique will allow the band structure of initially unoccupied states to be determined and the excited state electron dynamics to be studied.