Physics Students Show Talent at Research Forum

Apr 24, 2017
Six outstanding physics students presented original research at the 2017 UIC Student Research Forum. The forum, which showcases the rich and promising research being done across the university, is planned, organized, and run by students each year. The forum offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from every school and discipline to present their scholarly efforts, interact with faculty, and receive special coaching and support with abstract writing, poster preparation, and presenting their work to audiences. This year's participants from the Department of Physics were:

Janki Brahmbhatt, "The Milkomeda Merger" (faculty mentor: Prof. Claudio Ugalde)

Daniela Girotti, "Solvent Extraction Investigation using Brewster Angle Microscopy" (faculty mentor: Prof. Mark Schlossman)

Ronald Jonaik, "Neutron Star Mergers and the R-process" (faculty mentor: Prof. Claudio Ugalde)

Zachary Nabor, "A Survey of Big Bang-era Nuclear Reactions" (faculty mentor: Prof. Claudio Ugalde)

Penelope Riley and Javier Olivares, "Thermal Transport Properties of Hetrogeneous Two-Dimensional Materials" (faculty mentor: Prof. Fatemeh Khalili-Araghi)

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