Recognition for Campus Leader Jeff Harvey

Jun 30, 2016

Harvey_AwardGraduating senior Jeff Harvey was honored with a 2016 Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the UIC student community. For Harvey, physics is more than just a major. “I think that learning physics has genuinely changed my perspective of the world around me, both in the sense of understanding physical phenomena like why the sky is blue and also in appreciating how complex problems can be analyzed through applying a sequence of logical steps,” says Harvey.

It’s no surprise that Harvey translates his perspective into action. As President of the Physics Club, Harvey has expanded the organization’s reach to more than double the number of students who attend meetings, organized social events like movie nights and bike rides, and supported an exciting project to build a radio telescope at UIC. Under Harvey’s leadership, the club has become a hub for the UIC physics community, with a significant portion of undergraduate majors attending meetings regularly. 

Harvey plans to pursue a PhD in physics after graduation.

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