Mark Schlossman Wins UIC Excellence in Teaching Award

Mar 03, 2016

CongratulatioSchlossman.Awardns to Professor and Associate Head Mark Schlossman, recently named a winner of the 2015 UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching. During his many years of service to the physics department, Professor Schlossman has enriched the quality of physics instruction at UIC and inspired students to engage deeply with the discipline of physics. As Professor Schlossman told UIC News, teaching physics is more than teaching students how to solve problems. Professor Schlossman reaches back to memories of his experience as a physics student to ignite UIC students’ curiosity: “What excited me were these fascinating ideas — I think it’s important that students be fascinated by ideas.” Professor Schlossman's contributions to the department and the university include student-centered mentoring, introducing innovative teaching strategies and new technologies, and incisive leadership in curriculum planning. To find out more about Professor Schlossman’s contributions and accomplishments, please read the full-length story from UIC News.

Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin for UIC News

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