Anjum Ansari and Jung-Hyun Min research featured on Science 360

Jan 28, 2015
DG15_01_21_025-FromUICNewsThe work of professor Anjum Ansari (seated to the left), assistant professor Jung-Hyun Min (Department of Chemistry), and collaborators was featured in the HEADLINES section of the NSF Science 360 News page.Their work, published in Nature Communications 6, 5849, discovered that damaged DNA may stall patrolling repair protein molecules to initiate repair.

Jung-Hyun-graphic-uicnews_1-Anjum-Ansari-Science360The figure on the right shows XPC DNA repair protein in two modes, patrolling undamaged DNA (in green) and bound to DNA damage site (magenta, with blue XPC insert opening the site).  ​For additional details please see the UIC News 1/28/15 article, the UIC News 3/17/15 article, and the news blurb from the UIC Department of Chemistry.

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