Yadav Pandit leads analysis searching for quark soup transition

Apr 18, 2014
DrYadavPandit_AtSTARPhysics postdoctoral fellow Dr. Yadav Pandit led an analysis published in Physical Review Letters 112, 162301 (2014) that ​found evidence consistent with a first-order phase transition from hadronic matter to the quark gluon plasma.  The study was carried out with an extensive set of beam energy scan data taken by the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider located at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Dr. Pandit works with the UIC Experimental Nuclear Physics group in close collaboration with Professor Olga Evdokimov.  For more details please see the article in newswise and UIC News 4/18/2014.  Results from this work was selected as #4 on Brookhaven National Laboratory's top 10 scientific achievements for 2014.

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