Robert Klie and Canhui Wang capture atomic-level photos of the molecule ferritin

Feb 04, 2014
Klie-Robert_adma201306069-gra-0001-mGraduate student Canhui Wang and Professor Robert Klie have captured atomic-level photos of the molecule ferritin in its natural state. According to Wang, they found a way to “encapsulate” the molecule between two thin layers of graphene in order to keep the ferritin in its natural, watery state. This new technique reduces the molecule’s amount of exposure to radiation as well as increases image resolution, which allowed UIC researchers to discover how the ferritin’s core can change its electrical charge. Using the new procedure, researchers hope to be able to better understand what goes wrong in many human diseases and disorders. The results were highlighted in Materials 360 online, are available online in the journal Advanced Materials, and additional details are published in this UIC News Release.

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