Siva Sivananthan gives webinar on linking university research and the commercial realm

Dec 03, 2013
On December 3, 2013, LAS Distinguished Professor Siva Sivananthan gave an hour-long webinar hosted by American Physics Society (APS) and moderated by Georgia State University’s Professor Unil Perera dissecting the trials and tribulations of linking Sivananthan’s own university research and the commercial realm. Entitled "The Road from Research to Commercialization," the webinar discussed a host of issues surrounding scientists’ potential commercialization of their research. Professor Sivananthan touched on staying true to one’s core values and visions, fostering the right environment by assembling a team willing to challenge and setting up support mechanisms, risk-taking with one’s new small business, and opening a dialogue with the institution about IP rights and potential conflicts of interest. For more information or to view the webinar and download Professor Sivananthan’s slides, visit the APS website.

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