High Energy Physics group receives Deans Outstanding Faculty Award

Nov 01, 2012
din-astridahep-17thAnnualDinnerCongratulations to the experimental High Energy Physics group for receiving a Deans Outstanding Faculty Award. Professor Mark Adams, Professor Rick Cavanaugh, Professor Cecilia Gerber, and Professor Nikos Varelas were headlined at the 17th Annual LAS Recognition Dinner for “their contributions to the historic discovery of the Higgs boson, as reported not only in the international press, but in our own AtLAS magazine”. They featured prominently in the program and each gave a short speech.  The photograph (from the left) shows Rick Cavanaugh, Cecilia Gerber, Dean Astrida Tantillo, Nikos Varelas, Mark Adams and David Hofman.  For additional details, please see the "Celebrating LAS" section of the Winter 2012 edition of AtLAS.

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