High Energy Physics Seminar: Niseem Magdy (SUNY)  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Wednesday, 7/25 2:00 PM to Wednesday, 7/25 3:00 PM
  • Speaker: Niseem Magdy
  • Host: Prof. Olga Evdokimov

Beam Energy Dependence of Anisotropic Flow Coefficients and Their Fluctuations

Abstract: The beam energy scan (BES-I: √SNN= 7.7 − 200 GeV) program at RHIC, is aimed at delineating the phase structure of the phase diagram for QCD matter, as well as the properties of the respective QCD phases. Detailed anisotropic flow measurements, which span the BES, can provide crucial insight into the transport coefficients for the respective QCD phases, as well as their dependence on baryon chemical potential (μB) and temperature (T). They can also give insight into the presence of a possible critical point in the QCD phase diagram. I will present and discuss recent STAR BES measurements of the anisotropic flow coefficients vn (1 ≤ n ≤ 5) and their fluctuations, for Au+Au collisions at BES energies. I will also discuss the implications of these measurements, as well as the prospects for the upcoming BES-II experimental campaign at RHIC.

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