Philosophy of Physics Lecture: Prof. David Wallace, University of Southern California  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Wednesday, 10/18 11:15 AM to Wednesday, 10/18 12:15 PM
  • Speaker: Prof. David Wallace
  • Host: Prof. Nick Huggett
  • Campus Address: 1430 UH
Title: The Case for Black Hole Thermodynamics

Abstract: I give a fairly systematic and thorough presentation of the case for regarding black holes as thermodynamic systems in the fullest sense (contra recent work by Dougherty and Callender), with particular attention to (i) the availability in classical black hole thermodynamics of a well-defined notion of adiabatic intervention; (ii) the power of the membrane paradigm to make black hole thermodynamics precise and to extend it to local-equilibrium contexts; (iii) the central role of Hawking radiation in permitting black holes to be in thermal contact with one another; (iv) the wide range of routes by which Hawking radiation can be derived and its back-reaction on the black hole calculated; (v) the interpretation of Hawking radiation close to the black hole as a gravitationally bound thermal atmosphere. In terms of technical difficulty, this talk rates 4/5.

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