Condensed Matter/Biological Physics Seminar: Dr. Pierre Darancet, Argonne National Lab  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Thursday, 4/13 2:00 PM to Thursday, 4/13 3:00 PM
  • Speaker: Dr. Pierre Darancet
  • Host: Hyowon Park
  • Campus Address: 2214 SES (Science and Engineering South)

Title: Understanding Non-Equilibrium Charge Transport and Rectification at Chromophore/Metal Interfaces

Abstract: Understanding non-equilibrium charge and energy transport across nanoscale interfaces is central to developing an intuitive picture of fundamental processes in solar energy conversion applications. In this talk, I will discuss our theoretical studies of finite-bias transport at organic/metal interfaces. First, I will show how the finite-bias electronic structure of such systems can be quantitatively described using density functional theory in conjunction with simple models of non-local correlations and bias-induced Stark effects. [1-6]. Using these methods, I will discuss the conditions of emergence of highly non-linear current-voltage characteristics in bilayers made of prototypical organic materials, and their implications in the context of hole- and electron-blocking layers in organic photovoltaic [7,8]. In particular, I will show how the use of strongly-hybridized, fullerene-coated metallic surfaces as electrodes is a viable route to maximizing the diodic behavior and electrical functionality of molecular components.

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