High Energy Physics Seminar: Dr. Paolo Glorioso, University of Chicago  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Wednesday, 2/22 1:30 PM to Wednesday, 2/22 2:30 PM
  • Speaker: Dr. Paolo Glorioso
  • Host: Ho-Ung Yee
  • Campus Address: 2214 SES (Science and Engineering South)

Title: The second law of thermodynamics from symmetry and unitarity

Abstract: I will show how the notion of entropy production emerges from basic properties of quantum field theory. For this purpose I will introduce a general non-equilibrium effective field theory of slow degrees of freedom of a quantum many-body system. The key ingredients are unitarity of the microscopic theory, and a Z_2 symmetry, which is associated to the presence of local equilibrium. As an example, I will show how the entropy current emerges from our recent effective field theory formulation of hydrodynamics.

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