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  • Date(s): Friday, 10/30 10:00 AM to Friday, 10/30 11:00 AM
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  • Campus Address: 2214 SES (Science and Engineering South)
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Title: Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Decaying to Bottom Quarks in Proton-Proton Collisions at 8 TeV
Abstract: A search for the standard model Higgs boson (H) decaying to bottom quarks and produced in association with a Z boson is presented.  The search uses 8 TeV center-of-mass energy proton-proton collision data recorded by the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at the Large Hadron Collider corresponding to integrated luminosity of 19.0 inverse femtobarns.  
The Z boson is reconstructed using two oppositely charged leptons – either electrons or muons.  Two techniques for reconstructing the Higgs candidate are discussed: the standard method using two jets reconstructed with the anti-kt algorithm and a second technique using jet substructure that was developed for highly boosted massive particles.  Upper limits, at the 95% confidence level, on the production cross section times the branching ratio, with respect to the standard model expectations, are derived for a Higgs boson in a mass range 110-135 GeV.  The results from the ZH channel are combined with five other channels, and an excess of events is observed consistent with the standard model Higgs boson with a local significance of 2.1 standard deviations at 125 GeV.

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