Wednesday Colloquium: Dr. Laura Greene, UIUC  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Wednesday, 3/18 3:00 PM to Wednesday, 3/18 4:00 PM
  • Speaker: Dr. Laura Greene
  • Host: Dirk Morr
  • Campus Address: 138 SES (Science and Engineering South)
Title: High Temperature Superconductivity: Taming Serendipity

Abstract: At we pass the centenary of the discovery of superconductivity, the design of new and more useful superconductors remains as enigmatic as ever. As high-density current carriers with little or no power loss, high-temperature superconductors offer unique solutions to fundamental grid challenges of the 21st century and hold great promise in addressing our global energy challenge in energy production, storage, and distribution. Traditionally guided by serendipity, researchers in the field have grown into an enthusiastic global network to predictively design new superconductors. I will share our general guidelines and strive to convey the renewed passion we share in this international pursuit. I will also show how our point contact spectroscopy measurements aid in identifying promising candidates.

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