High Energy Physics Seminar: Dr. Elisabetta Furlan, Fermilab  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Monday, 4/7 3:30 PM to Monday, 4/7 4:30 PM
  • Speaker: Dr Elisabetta Furlan, Fermilab
  • Host:
  • Campus Address: 2214 SES Science and Engineering South
Title: "Higgs rates and new quarks"

Abstract: In many scenarios of new physics, the particle content of the Standard Model is extended and the Higgs couplings are modified. In general, one would expect new quarks to yield significant deviations in the Higgs rates, as they directly enter loop-mediated Higgs processes and also modify the Yukawa couplings of the third generation quarks. We analyse models with new coloured fermions and study the connection between electroweak precision measurements and Higgs rates. We show that in minimal extension of the Standard Model particle content, it is reasonable not to expect relevant effects in the Higgs rates from the new quarks.