"The Real Science Behind Star Trek"  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Wednesday, 4/2 5:00 PM to Wednesday, 4/2 7:30 PM
  • Campus Address: 250 BSB Behavioral Sciences Bldg
Speaker: Professor Dirk Morr

Title: "The Real Science Behind Star Trek"

Abstract: Star Trek is a story of exploration that has fascinated us for the last 50 years. A crucial part of this story are unbelievable scientific and technological advances -- warp drive, wormholes beaming technology, holodecks--that make the exploration of the universe possible. But are these advances really beyond our reach, or have we already surpassed some of them? Are they scientifically possible, simply waiting around the next corner to be discovered? If you want to hear the answers to these questions, join us for a presentation on the (crazy?) scientific ideas behind Star Trek technologies, and the physical laws that we have to "bend" to make them work.

This event is open to all and free for UIC Students, Staff and Faculty - please go to the C2ST website to get your tickets (required): http://c2st.org/event/2014/04/real-science-behind-star-trek. 
Social hour starts at 5 PM, the program at 6 PM.