High Energy Physics Seminar: Dr. David Mesterhazy  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Monday, 12/2 3:00 PM to Monday, 12/2 4:00 PM
  • Speaker: Dr. David Mesterhazy
  • Host:
  • Campus Address: 2214 SES Science and Engineering South
  • Email: pslowi2@uic.edu
Title: Universal dynamics near and far from equilibrium

Abstract: The quantitative understanding of the universal properties of strongly correlated systems both near and far from equilibrium poses one of the most diverse and challenging problems in contemporary physics. Applications cover a huge range of scales, from low temperature states of condensed matter systems to the extreme states of matter observed, e.g., in ultra relativistic heavy ion collisions. However, only few theoretical approaches apply that are able to resolve the relevant nonperturbative dynamics. Lattice Monte Carlo simulations and functional methods, e.g., the functional renormalization group and nPI effective action techniques, offer a powerful approach to tackle these problems. I will focus on several examples related to the quantum critical scaling of strongly correlated fermion systems and the universal late time dynamics of systems in the presence of slow modes. I will discuss future challenges and applications of these techniques relating to the problem of universal short time dynamics, novel dynamic phenomena governing the approach to equilibrium, as well as transport properties.