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  • Date(s): Wednesday, 3/16 3:00 PM to Wednesday, 3/16 5:00 PM
  • Speaker: Shahab Khan
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  • Campus Address: 238 SES Science and Engineering South
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"Investigation of the Dependence of an Intense X-Ray Source on the Gas Density and Cluster Size"

: An extremely high yield guided x-ray source was developed with improvements to the Xenon gas target. The characteristics of this laboratory scale x-ray source were investigated with new and improved methods and instruments. New nozzles were developed and characterized to vastly improve the energetic yield of the x-rays. The gas jets from different nozzles were characterized for density and cluster size as a function of stagnant pressure and reservoir temperature. The density of the target medium was calculated from the measured interferograms from a Mach-Zhender interferometer. The cluster size was ascertained by Rayleigh scattering experiments. The spectral features of L-shell x-rays were precisely investigated with independently calibrated CCD von Hamos x-ray spectrometers that were specifically developed for the x-ray source in our laboratory. The features of the channeled propagation of M-shell and L-shell x-rays were examined with a triple pinhole equipped camera. The research determined that the yield and spectrum of the x-rays are correlated with both the density and cluster size of the Xenon atoms. Larger x-ray yields are obtained by increasing the density of the medium and increasing the cluster size to a certain degree.