Student Colloquium: Yi Yin  Add To Calendar

  • Date(s): Wednesday, 1/12 3:00 PM to Wednesday, 1/12 5:00 PM
  • Speaker: Yi Yin
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  • Campus Address: 138 SES Science and Engineering South
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"Three Stories About Quasi-normal Modes." 

: The quasi-normal modes are the eigenstates of the non-Hermitian operators, playing an essential role in the open systems as those normal modes (eigenfunctions) in the conservative systems. In this talk, I will tell three interesting stories, related to three different aspects of the quasi-normal modes after briefly reviewing the basic properties of quasi-normal modes. The first story is about the alpha-decay studied in the context of the quantum mechanical scattering. The next tale presents the Hod's analysis on the connection between quasi-normal modes and the quantization of the blackhole area. Finally, I will discuss the universality of the shear viscosity to entropy density ratio based on the quasi-normal modes analysis by using the holographic correspondence.