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Oct 25 2023

Seminar- “The two-neutrino force and where to find it” with Dr. Walter Tangarife

Physics Seminar

October 25, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


SES 2214

Physics Seminar - Walter Tangarife
Speaker: Dr. Walter Tangarife, Loyola University Chicago
Title: The two-neutrino force and where to find it

Abstract: The Standard Model predicts a long-range force, proportional to $G_F^2/r^5$, between fermions due to the exchange of a pair of neutrinos. Furthermore, this is the largest parity-violating long-range force in the Standard Model. However, this quantum force is feeble and has not been observed yet. In this talk, I will review the neutrino force and discuss possible probes of this force. I will talk about scenarios where the effects due to the neutrino force can be enhanced, thereby providing sensitivity to neutrino physics parameters that have so far eluded us.


Physics Office

Date posted

Sep 21, 2023

Date updated

Oct 20, 2023