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Oct 6 2021

Colloquium- Professor Stefania Gori, UC Santa Cruz

Physics Colloquium Lecture

October 6, 2021

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Via Zoom-


Chicago, IL 60612


October 6 - Professor Stefania Gori, UC Santa Cruz -- Host: Professor James Unwin


Title: Hunting dark particles at colliders

Abstract: Dark matter is believed to make up most of the matter of our Universe, but its particle origin remains a mystery. So far experimental searches for dark matter particles have largely focused on the mass window at around the Higgs boson mass. At the same time, lighter dark matter candidates in a dark sector are theoretically well-motivated and arise generically in many theories beyond the Standard Model. In this colloquium, I will first present an overview of the most recent progress exploring light dark matter candidates at high-energy and high-intensity colliders, highlighting the role of the Higgs boson in this endeavor. Then I will motivate new searches and new collider experiments that will have a unique opportunity to broadly explore viable light dark matter models.


Physics Office

Date posted

Sep 29, 2021

Date updated

Dec 8, 2021